Two injured in crash on Long Hill

Two Mountain Rescue Teams were called in to help after a car left the road and ended up down an embankment in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The vehicle had been travelling on the A5004, near Fernilee, when it left the road on a sharp bend and plunged down a gully.

It appeared that the vehicle had spun and left the road backwards, plunging down a steep embankment, before crashing in to a tree.

Due to the terrain specialist equipment was used by Buxton and Kinder Team members to assist paramedics and other emergency services in recovering three casualties.

One was able to walk up the embankment with assistance, however, two of the other occupants suffered more serious injuries and had to be carried out by stretcher to the waiting ambulance. They were transferred to Stepping Hill Hospital, for further treatment.

The incident closed the road for several hours while the casualties were recovered.

Neil Carruthers, Buxton Team Leader said: “All the emergency crews worked very well together to recover the vehicle occupants. This was a good inter-agency operation which was slick and successful.”