Turning clock back for historic Longnor church

Rev James Forrester with Longnor church's historic clock mechanism.
Rev James Forrester with Longnor church's historic clock mechanism.

Telling the time has never been easier for villagers in Longnor following the refurbishment of the church clock.

For several years the paint on the face of the clock, at St Bartholomew’s Church, had become so faded that it was almost impossible to tell the time.

But now thanks to a generous grant and donations from the local community extensive refurbishment work has been carried out at the Grade II* listed building.

Vicar, Rev James Forrester, said: “The cost was about £9,000 for all the work.”

He said the project had received a generous grant from the Peak District Rural Action Zone LEADER fund, a grant from the Longnor Action Group and donations from local families which had made it possible for the church to commission the work, which was carried out by The Cumbria Clock Company.

In addition to the repainting of the clock face and new gilding for the hands, an automatic winding mechanism has also been fitted in the clock chamber, and the weather vane has been repainted.

Before the work was carried out local resident Bob Smith had faithfully climbed the steps to the clock chamber at least once a week to wind the clock.

The clock will be rededicated during the Evening Service at St Bartholomew’s on Sunday February 5, at 6.30pm.

The church, which dates back to the middle ages and was re-built in 1780, now has a clock that villagers and visitors can once again use to tell the time.