Triplets joy for High Peak mum

Colette and Dave Pawluk with babies Finn, Charlie and Milo, along with older sister Maya.
Colette and Dave Pawluk with babies Finn, Charlie and Milo, along with older sister Maya.

Three is the magic number for High Peak mum Colette Pawluk, who has given birth to triplet baby boys at Stepping Hill Hospital.

Colette conceived babies Finn, Charlie and Milo naturally - which only happens in one in every 8,000 births.

This is only the fourth birth of triplets at Stepping Hill Hospital in the past ten years.

The trio were induced early, at 34 weeks, by caesarean section at Stepping Hill in early March. After three weeks observation on the neonatal unit, they have just gone home with their proud parents, and two year old sister Maya.

Colette, 37, a personal adviser, and her husband Dave, a 38-year-old printer, were first told they were having twins when she was six weeks pregnant. It was later on at 12 weeks that they discovered there was to be an extra bouncing baby boy.

Colette said: “We were surprised when we were told we were going to have twins, figuring out all the extra things we would need.

“But when we found out it was triplets, in a funny way we’d already got used to the idea of more babies, so we were shocked but incredibly happy about it.”

Thankfully the births went without complications. Finn, Charlie and Milo were born weighing 4lb 10oz, 4lb 5oz and 4lb 12oz respectively. While Finn and Charlie are identical twins, it is not yet clear whether Milo is identical or not.

“I’m in awe of the staff here at Stepping Hill, and the brilliant care we had from the maternity and neonatal teams,” said Colette.

“I’d like to say an extra special thank you to the sonographers, Dr Pureti who delivered the boys, assistant practitioner Andie Hartley who was a huge support after the delivery, and community midwife Jane Ingleby who’s been with us every step of the way and was also there at the birth.

“While everyone is clearly incredibly busy, you just know you’re in the best possible hands all the time. I can’t thank the staff enough.”

Over 4,000 babies are born at Stepping Hill Hospital ever year.