Trapped by lack of parking in Whaley Bridge

OWNERS of disused land are to be approached to see if they can help resolve parking problems in Whaley Bridge.

The problem was highlighted at a meeting of Whaley Bridge Town Council by local resident Rebecca Cheadle speaking on behalf of her mother Jenny Harvey.

She said: “It is getting to the stage where she doesn’t want to go out as she doesn’t know if she will be able to park when she gets back.”

Double yellow lines have recently been extended – removing parking spaces on Woodbrook.

While understanding the need for the markings she said it meant there was no parking available.

Mrs Cheadle asked if the grass verge could be removed to enable people to park but was told that option had been discounted by Derbyshire County Council, the Highway Authority, due to cost.

Town Council Chairman Cllr Jon Goldfinch said the problem had been exacerbated by the subdivision of properties without the provision of adequate parking.

Councillors said some residents were making use of the car park, but that it was often full overnight.

They are to see if there is any unused land that could be used for parking.

It was suggested that businesses who have spare land could be approached.

Cllr Barrie Taylor said: “I think trying to find more space as the clerk suggested for overnight parking might be one way out and is something worth pursuing.”

The Town Council is also to raise the issue with the county council to investigate possible solutions including resident only parking schemes.