Queues reported across High Peak as motorists defy advice not to panic buy fuel

These were the scenes in Buxton today as motorists flocked to the pumps despite being urged not to panic buy fuel.

Queues have been reported across the High Peak even though drivers have been told that there is no fuel shortage and no need to panic buy.

BP announced on Thursday that it had to close some of its sites nationally because of a shortage of lorry drivers to carry out deliveries. Esso has also said that a handful of its petrol stations were also affected.

Both the Government and the AA have confirmed there is not a fuel shortage and that most forecourts are operating as normal.

Motorists queuing to fill up their cars at Morrisons

However many motorists have flocked to fill up their vehicles today, despite the warnings.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said he would ‘move Heaven and Earth’ to solve the nationwide shortage of truck drivers which threatens fuel supplies at ‘a handful’ of petrol stations, adding motorists should not panic as the problem would be ‘smoothed out relatively quickly’.

He said: “I’ll look at everything – I wouldn’t rule anything out.

“We will move Heaven and Earth to do whatever it takes to make sure shortages are alleviated with HGV drivers.”

Motorists queuing to fill up their cars in Buxton

A number of people have reported issues in the High Peak today on our Facebook page, with one person saying: “I struggled to get petrol this morning here in Buxton as there were queues at both Morrisons and Tesco’s so had to go to the one on the way to Macclesfield.”

And another added: “Absolute chaos in Chapel and added with the traffic lights on Market street .. security having to man the forecourt …it’s had the effect they wanted panic buying.”

A third said: “Tesco on London Rd has cars queuing to get in! All the selfish grabbing what they can whilst thinking of no one else.”