New road safety framework welcomed

PUBLICATION of the government’s Strategic Framework for Road Safety has been welcomed by Derby and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership.

Partnership chairman Mike Ashworth said: “The framework gives an overview of the government’s approach to road safety and how they plan to reduce road deaths and injuries.

Mike, who is deputy director of environmental services at Derbyshire County Council, said: “All of the partnership’s member organisations are studying the framework in order to fully understand how it will influence our efforts to make Derbyshire’s road safer.”

The framework published by the government includes plans to:

* introduce on-the-spot fines for careless driving

* keep the most dangerous drivers off the road by making greater use of powers to seize vehicles

* make disqualified drivers pass a test before they regain their licence

* increase fines for fixed penalty traffic offences to between £80 and £100

* offer more motorists safe driving courses as an alternative to penalty points

* replace Pass Plus with a new post-test qualification for new drivers - the course will include an assessment process designed to give insurers confidence that participants should be entitled to lower premiums.

* introduce film clips into the driving and riding theory test

* create a new website that people can use to compare the performance of their local road safety partnerships with those in similar areas

* launch an annual road safety day

* create a new portal to help road safety professionals share information

* introduce measures designed to tackle drink and drug driving more effectively (as set out in the government’s recent response to the North Report on Drink and Drug Driving:

You can read the government’s Strategic Framework for Road Safety by visiting: