Derbyshire police criticise drivers ignoring snow road closure signs after car stranded in ditch

Derbyshire police have criticised drivers putting themselves and others in danger by ignoring road closure signs over the wintry weekend.

Officers were forced to tweet a dictionary definition of a road closure on Sunday as snow fell across much of Derbyshire.

The force tweeted: “Over the last 36 hours drivers have continued to ignore the big red signs across the county – they aren't out for fun they are there because the road is impassable.

“If you do ignore them and get stuck then getting rescued will take time and put others in danger.”

Officers also had ‘strong words of advice’ for a driver who ignored a road closure and slid off the road into a ditch on the A515.

Derbyshire Dales Response Unit said the motorist, who had driven from Nottingham, flouted the closure advice and headed along the A515 which had been cordoned off due to weather conditions.

The driver soon got stranded after sliding off the icy road into a ditch.

Derbyshire police had to rescue this motorist who had ignored road closure signs on the A515.

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