Call for U-turn on danger road

COUNCILLORS are calling for urgent action to be taken in a bid to resolve ongoing road safety problems on the A623 at Sparrowpit.

The issue, particularly the problems faced by a family whose house is right on the corner, was raised by Cllr Jocelyn Street at a meeting of Chapel Parish Council.

She said they had often been faced with cars parked in their garden following accidents when they had come through the garden wall.

“Nobody deserves to live like that. They can’t utilise their garden without being apprehensive.”

Cllr Street said a request for Armaco barriers to perhaps be installed had been met with the response: ‘If we do it for them then everyone will want it.’

“They were told, when they approached the county council before, that if they put up any barrier on their land and someone is injured going in to it then they will be liable,” she added. “It is a disgrace.”

Cllr Mike Smith said: “I think the amount of warning signs is more than adequate. What seems to be in need of looking at is the surface of the road.”

Cllr Hilary Batterbee said: “We have got to get to the heart of the matter and get someone from the county council out to that corner and standing there preferably in bad weather.”

She said improvements had been made to the corner many years ago but added that part of the problem was that the attitude of drivers had changed.

“When the road is bad (in wintry conditions) round Sparrowpit I honestly, even if in a four-wheel drive, would not go round that corner. It is not damn well safe.”

Recent icy conditions led to nine accidents in the space of an hour involving 11 vehicles –but Cllr Street said that series of incidents was a red herring as the specific issues around it had already been addressed.

However, she said the ongoing problems with the junction on the sharp bend, including cars passing the traffic island on both sides, needed looking at.