Town Team setting out their stall to take charge of Buxton Market

A contract to run Buxton's twice-weekly market has been put out to tender by the borough council.
A contract to run Buxton's twice-weekly market has been put out to tender by the borough council.

Buxton Town Team is planning to submit a formal tender to run the town’s twice-weekly market.

And if their bid is successful, as well as the normal market on a Saturday, the town team is hoping to run additional specialised markets as well.

High Peak Borough Council has invited applications to tender for running the borough’s market. And after making it through the pre-qualification questionnaire, the town team is currently waiting to be invited to submit a formal application.

John Estruch, of the town team, said: “We are going to put in a bid to operate the market in Buxton with the aim of revitalising the market and getting a vibrant market operating on the market place.

“Our aim is to run regular markets on Tuesdays and Saturdays and to make some investment so that we can get much more robust stalls, which would then be more attractive. We would then spend time advertising the market and trying to recruit traders.

“We want to draw people to come along so we can build up the stalls to a decent market. It would be a combination so there would be the regular market but on a Saturday we would support that with a number of different specialised markets, things like an artisan market, farmer’s market or even fashion market.

“Different things to attract more people and try to get a buzz going up on the market place.”

There has long been a debate over whether to keep the market up in Higher Buxton or move it to Spring Gardens, but the town team is hoping keeping it on the market place will provide a real boost to local business.

He added: “People have been saying for a long time that it is dead and something ought to be done about it and arguing about what to do.

“This is a real opportunity to go and do something rather than just keep having the same debate about whether it should be on the market place or down in Spring Gardens. Hopefully we can get it up and going and make a difference.”

A decision on who to award the tender to is expected in April or May.