Town team plans to revamp Fairfield Road

Fairfield Road Buxton
Fairfield Road Buxton

Buxton’s Town Team has set its sights on sprucing up Fairfield Road - one of the main entrances to the town centre.

The team wants to get residents on board for their 2018 project - focussing efforts on cleaning and tidying the road, the railings and installing planters and hanging baskets.

A meeting has been arranged for Tuesday March 20, at 7.45pm in St Peter’s Church Hall, in an effort to bring residents together to discuss future ideas.

Richard Lower, the project team leader, said: “Fairfield is one of the main routes in to Buxton, and for people continuing on the A6 towards Bakewell it’s all they see of Buxton.

“It’s dirty and messy and it’s not the greatest advert for our lovely town.

“We know the road is a source of frustration for many people, but this is not a blame game.

“There are areas which stick out and we want to work together to try and improve them.”

The project is expected to cost £7,300 which will be spent on leaflets to residents, paint for railings, a new bench seat, planters and hanging baskets, as well as well as covering the cost of new wheelie bins to replace older ones.

However, the town team has said the work will only get undertaken if it is able to source suitable grants and donations.

Both High Peak Borough Council and Derbyshire County Council have been approached and are keen to get involved.

Other potential funding sources include the Tesco Bags for Help and Waitrose Community Matters schemes.

The town team said it had initially been approached by a local resident who was concerned about the state of Fairfield Road.

As the area is not covered by the Residents of Fairfield Association, the town team realised there would be no other community group which might undertake such a project.

On Saturday April 21, between 10am and noon, Buxton Town Team will be inviting Fairfield residents to join them for a spring clean operation.

They will be meeting on the green by the church and will spend two hours cleaning litter bins, street signs, bus shelters and post boxes along Fairfield Road.