Ticket barrier over pool prices

TRYING to get information about the cost of using the soon-to-be-re-opened swimming pool in Buxton is proving to be difficult for residents.

One who contacted the Advertiser was stunned when she was told that pool staff couldn’t say how much it would be to go for a single swim.

Amelia Mitchell said: “With it due to open very soon, I called the company brought in to manage the facilities and asked what the prices were to use the pool.

“Imagine my surprise when the person I spoke to said they couldn’t give them out over the phone and that I would have to book an induction!

“I also enquired about the prices for the gym at the same time, but once again they wouldn’t give out any price information,” she added.

Residents who call the number provided have been asked to go along to the temporary office close to the pool as there are numerous options available, including membership offers, and to provide the information over the phone would take too long.

Buxton Pool is run by DC Leisure on behalf of High Peak Borough Council.

The Advertiser has contacted High Peak Borough Council who are looking into a number of issues that have been raised including the lack of information available on pricing.

The Pool was closed for extensive refurbishment in November 2009 and was due to re-open at Easter 2010.

However numerous problems and issues have delayed the project, with the pool due to reopen in mid July – 15 months later than originally planned.