Three caught for quarry damage

THREE men arrested on suspicion of stealing from a quarry have been dealt with by way of Restorative Justice.

The men were arrested on Wednesday, August 17 after police received a report of two suspicious vehicles in Bradwell.

Officers travelled to the village and came across a collision where a car had gone into a field.

Three vehicle radiators were found nearby and officers arrested the three men in the car on suspicion of stealing the radiators from Moss Rake Quarry.

The three, aged 42 and 32 from Droylsden and 24 and from Formby, have admitted to the theft and the victim has agreed that they should pay for the damage to be repaired and the radiators replaced.

Restorative Justice, introduced by Derbyshire Constabulary, has been running since April 2009 and more than 12,200 crimes have now been resolved in this way.

Under the scheme, crimes are dealt with in accordance with the victims’ wishes without the case going through the court process.

The crime is recorded as usual but dealt with in a more proportionate way.

For example, if a man broke his neighbour’s window and admitted the offence, he could offer an apology, reparation or compensation to the victim, if this is the outcome the victim favoured.