Three Buxton kids bear gifts at hospital children’s ward

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Three kindhearted kids cheered up nurses and poorly children by dressing up and delivering Christmas presents at Stepping Hill Hospital.

Eva Harwood, 6, with her little brother George, 2, and friend Darcie Hall, 8, brought their own toys, books and chocolates around the children’s ward to spread some festive happiness.

The three Buxton tots arrived in grandmother Helen Turner’s specially-decorated Toyota Avensis - which was complete with a lit-up Santa’s sleigh on the roof - much to the amusement of passing motorists and other onlookers.

Grandmother Helen, 54, said hospital staff “thought it was lovely”.

She said: “It cheered all the nurses up because the kids were dressed up - it made them laugh.

“It was just a nice surprise - the kids on the ward were just shocked but they were smiling and happy.

“I was so proud of them - George was going around with a little trolley that we decorated for him and it was just brilliant.”

Helen, who has similarly decorated her car to deliver presents around Buxton during previous Christmases, said passing motorists pipped and waved as her very own Santa’s sleigh passed on the way to the hospital.

She said: “The kids were smiling and waving as they went along.

“They’re lovely kids - it was a great thing for them to do.”