The Lighter side of life with Kate Mason: Missing the bride gene until the big proposal

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Day-dreaming about your big white wedding is said to be something every little girl does growing up.

According to popular belief us girls set the date, select the dream dress and the venue before even getting to work on finding the groom.

Other little girls spend their time wandering round with a tea towel veil over their head, clomping round in their mum’s high heels, parading round with a Haribo ring.

According to a recent survey six out of ten single women have already made up their minds about some parts of their big day.

The survey said the average girl starts thinking about her wedding at age 13, and a quarter said it had been top of their agenda since the tender age of six.

None of the above applies to me.

Call me strange but I’ve never really put much thought into getting married.

While other little girls were walking down their make-believe aisles with their bridal Barbie in tow I was too busy digging for insects in the garden and playing pretend Olympics.

But it seems I am the odd one out because fast forward a few decades and it’s still the hot topic of conversation.

And as friends start to make that journey down the aisle all of a sudden you’re in the spotlight.

“So when are you getting married?” is the question me and my boyfriend have been dodging for about the past three years now.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I didn’t want to get married it just wasn’t the be all and end all for me.

That was until my boyfriend whisked me away to Venice and got down on one knee last week.

All of a sudden something I’d convinced myself that I wasn’t that bothered about was suddenly the most important thing.

The fact I hadn’t been planning for this moment from the age of six made it all the more special (I said ‘yes’ by the way).

But I’ve already got questions coming in from all angles - the ‘when are you getting married?’ has been replaced with ‘where are you getting married? How many bridesmaids are you having? What colour lipstick will you wear?......’

I’m suddenly envious of all those girls who have been planning it for the past two decades.

At least they must have a vague idea of what they want, whereas I’m starting from scratch.

Oh well, time to embrace my inner Bridezilla.