tesco ballot threat

A Buxton councillor has given his backing to the proposed Tesco development – despite threats from some voters that if he does they will not support him at the ballot box.

The controversial application is for a new 6,601m sq store on the current Nestle Water bottling plant on Station Road in Buxton.

But Councillor Robin Baldry, member for Buxton West ward, is in no doubt that if the development gets the go-ahead it can only be good for the town.

However he has been told by some electors that they won’t vote for him in the future if he supports the proposals.

He said: “I have done a lot of work on this and I support it 100 per cent. I believe we need this store here.”

He said the development would help stop people travelling out of the area to places like Manchester, Macclesfield, and Sheffield and encourage them to shop in Buxton.

“We need the footfall here in Buxton. It will bring people in and create jobs,” said Cllr Baldry.

“I think it is a terrific design and welcome what they are going to do around the station to tidy it up.

“I seriously believe that it will lead to other businesses coming in to this town, possibly some shops as well.”

He said several members of the business community have told him they would not vote for him in the future if he supported the Tesco application, but added: “I am entitled to my opinion.”

Cllr Baldry said that the scheme had support from many people.

“I have just come from a surgery and 100 per cent of people were saying its fantastic,” he said.

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