Tenants face rent rises

COUNCIL tenants are set to face difficult times ahead with a huge hike in rents as well as other costs increasing, according to a Labour councillor.

Roger Wilkinson claimed that Tory governments did not like local authorities with council housing.

“Look at the rent rise of 5.9 per cent,” he said.

“Tenants have got enough to put up with - the rise in VAT and other charges and a hefty rent rise on top of that.”

“Certainly the last Labour government looked at the financial crisis and 6.1 per cent increase in rent was far too much and looked to split it over a couple of years which is considered fair for tenants.

“They looked at it and split it over a couple of years which was considered fair for tenants.

“This government are not wanting to do that – they want to hit tenants as hard as they can.”

However, Conservative Cllr Peter Kay, referring to the national debt, said: “It is such a big debt that we are repaying £120 million a day in interest. No capital – just interest. £120 million could build a new hospital.”