Taking the lead at the Gardens?

Dog owners could be ordered to keep their pets on a lead in Buxton’s Pavilion Gardens if the newly-elected members of High Peak Council decide to take up existing powers.

There is no such order in place at the moment, but Christine Slack, of Macclesfield Old Road, has called for the rule to be introduced after finding the body of a duck savaged by a dog.

“God help us if a child was attacked,” she said, adding that the move would also mean owners could not let their dogs wander off and leave mess in the park.

A council spokesman said: “The council has not adopted the Dog Control Order made available by the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.

“The adoption of such an order would be possible, conditional on the council demonstrating that the measures permitted by the order were both reasonable and proportionate.

“In other words, the council would need to show that the order was needed to tackle specific and sufficiently-prevalent issues.

“It would also be necessary to consult widely with residents, stakeholders and partners.

“Dog control is among the issues that the new council may wish to consider,” he added.