Switching focus to the bedroom

ELECTRICAL appliances in the bedrooms of children and young adults are the focus for this year’s National Fire Safety Week.

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service, who are supporting the annual campaign, are focusing their efforts on youngsters’ bedrooms - a key area for concern relating to electrical fire safety.

Children and young adults have more electrical appliances in their bedrooms than ever before so adults need to keep checking for the risks of an electrical fire occurring, the fire service say.

Community Safety Officer Simone White said: “Many youngsters are dangerously overloading electrical sockets and leaving multiple appliances constantly switched on. Some have even fashioned their own extension leads without correct insulation or have put numerous adaptors into each other to create more plug space.

“Parents are often shocked when we point out the dangers of this behaviour and are often unaware of the changes that their children have been making.”

National Fire Safety Week runs until tomorrow (Friday).