Step further for regeneration of historic Buxton hotel

The Palace Hotel, Buxton
The Palace Hotel, Buxton

The Palace Hotel is a step closer to being refurbished as the building is regenerated and the number of rooms increased.

A planning application has been submitted to begin a major step in refurbishment work on the Grade-II listed hotel in Station Road, Buxton, aiming to convert office and storage space into 18 extra rooms, as well-providing better improved disabled access.

Director Alex Langsam

Director Alex Langsam

The company said in its statement that altering the historical building made access changes ‘problematic and even un-achievable’.

New owners, Britannia Hotels who bought the property in June, told us at the time they wanted to invest in the hotel.

Director Alex Langsam said it holds a particular place in his heart.

He added: “My family were refugees from Hitler, and I was brought up in Buxton as a child so I know the hotel, and even as a child of seven I recognised that large parts of the Palace were derelict or abandoned, and thought ‘something can be done about that’.”

“When it came up for sale it took me back to my childhood when I was eight-years-old, queuing up in Buxton with my ration coupons to buy sweets.”

So now the company hopes to ‘spend a substantial amount’ to convert offices to build new rooms, looking at 40 in total, as well as refurbishing public areas.

Working with such an old building there are some hurdles that need to be crossed in refurbishment plans, as Mr Lansam adds: “You’ve got to be like a race-horse. There are always limitations on what you can do.

“This will be a tremendous thing for Buxton, it’ll increase visitors by double at least.

“We’re putting some money and some imagination in, and we’re hoping to bring some extra business into Buxton.”

And the development could mark a turnaround for the town: “It’s rather sad that it’s taken to so long, but Buxton is getting the TLC it needs.”

The Palace Hotel currently accommodates with 122 bedrooms, and is one of 50-odd hotels in the nationwide Brittania group.