Station platform’s arrival is delayed

Whaley Bridge rail commuters are facing a delay – their station’s platform won’t be arriving on time.

The refurbishment of Whaley Bridge station has hit problems, it emerged this week.

Work is ongoing to create new platforms at the station and work had been going well.

However Cllr Ann Winter revealed unforeseen technical difficulties now had to be addressed by Network Rail.

“Apparently the existing platform foundation is in a different position from what was assumed in the design and also the ground conditions are weaker than assumed.

“There is a redesign of the platform foundations which is in the process of being completed.”

Cllr Winter said the rail firm was solving the problem as quickly as it could.

The works at Whaley Bridge Station include restoring and bringing back into use the old station buildings, and the refurbishment of the footbridge.

The changes to the platforms will address the gap between the platform and trains at the station.