Speeding and road safety new priorities for Fairfield police


Speeding motorists and road safety are the new priorities for the Fairfield Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Police and local residents decided the priorities at a meeting held on Monday.

Officers will now be teaming up to put the brakes on speeding vehicles in the area by speaking to motorists about the importance of sticking to the law on the roads and safe and considerate driving.

The team will be working alongside residents to carry out community speed watch events to target those exceeding the 20mph speed restriction throughout the Fairfield Estate.

Alongside speeding, the team will also be working to tackle road safety in the area, particularly along Queens Road and Tongue Lane.

Officers will be heading out on high visibility patrols to catch motorists committing road traffic offences such as driving on the pavement and using their mobile phones behind the wheel.

Police will also be taking action against motorists who park their vehicles illegally, causing an obstruction or parking too closely to junctions, making it difficult for other road users and pedestrians.

Anyone interested in joining the Fairfield Community Speed Watch Scheme is asked to contact the team on 101.