Spate of bicycle thefts

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward
Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward

Derbyshire Police are appealing for information and encouraging cyclists to better protect their bikes from thieves following recent thefts.

The police have received a number of reports from residents living in Buxworth and Chinley about thieves breaking into their sheds and garages over the weekend and making off with high value bikes.

They were called at 4.40am on Saturday, January 14, to reports of a man attempting to break into a garage on Western Lane in Buxworth. The would-be thief was disturbed by the homeowner and ran off in the direction of Back Eccles Lane in Buxworth. He was described as a white, young man, of skinny build, wearing all black clothes and a ski mask.

Sometime between 12.30am and 8am on Saturday, January 14, thieves gained access to a garden shed along Brierley Park in Buxworth and stole two high value bikes from within.

A lime green Voodoo Bizango bike was also stolen from a garage on Stubbins Lane in Chinley overnight between Saturday, January 14, and Sunday, January 15. Thieves smashed the padlock from the door to gain entry.

The police are asking anyone with any information about the incidents to get in touch by calling 101 or alternatively Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Following the thefts, the police are also urging residents to ensure that their sheds, garages and outbuildings are properly secure and that their bikes are secured with a quality lock and marked with a security fluid such as SmartWater.

Other top tips on boosting shed and garden security include:

Fit a good quality lock to secure your shed, garage or outbuilding and make sure that it is appropriate to the strength of the door and frame;

Consider purchasing a shed alarm to help to deter a thief and secure any bikes with a quality chain even if they are inside the shed or garage;

Ensure that valuables are kept out of view from passers-by and consider covering your windows from the inside to prevent thieves from taking a look;

Mark all valuables with a property marking system such as SmartWater as this makes your belongings much less attractive to thieves as they realise that the goods can easily be identified as stolen and traced back to the original owner;

Don’t leave items in your garden that could make the life of a thief any easier. For example, a ladder left out in your garden could be used to get into the upper floor of your home or onto the top of your shed. Likewise, other tools and gardening equipment left outside could be used to break into your home. Just taking a few minutes to lock these items away will greatly increase your security.