Solar panelled crucifix set to beat bills at Buxton church

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The heavens will soon be shining cash saving, planet preserving light on Buxton Methodist Church after permission for a solar panel crucifix was granted.

High Peak Borough Council originally refused planning permission for the panels on the grounds they would impact on the conservation area of Higher Buxton, due to their size and character.

But after the church submitted a Heritage Assessment Table – which indicated the proposal had no impact on heritage, including the Opera House, Dome and Palace Hotel – the bid was finally approved.

Reverend Andrew Parker said: “We are all relieved and overjoyed that permission has been granted.

“Not only will this save the church money, it is good for the environment too.”

Rev Parker said the panels would be fitted in the shape of a cross on the church roof.

“It certainly is modern-day signing for the church,” Rev Parker added.

It is hoped that the panels – which cost around £20,000 – will be fitted by Spring.

Rev Parker said the church would save around £5,000 a year on it’s energy bills with the panels – meaning they will be in profit within five years.

He said: “With the money saved we can assist and help the community even more.”

Rev Parker added: “I was very touched at how many people wrote to the council in support of our proposals.

“Councillor Todd delivered a very strong speech in favour at the meeting too.”

He added: “I can’t wait to see the panels up there, we’re so pleased.”