‘Smiles all round’ for Buxton Community School GCSE students

Happy students with their results.
Happy students with their results.

There was smiles and tears of joy as Buxton Community School students celebrated achieving great grades on GCSE results day.

Some pupils got top marks and others are already planning their future careers but all of them did so well.

Fraser Masterson got the top grade in English Literature and was one of only three people to get the new grade 9 result.

He said: “I got a 9 in English and a 8 in physics, so I’m really happy with my results.

“I want to be an astrophysicist or a marine biologist so I’m staying on for the sixth form to get my A-levels and then will see what is the best path for me to take.”

Anna Walker said all the hard work leading up to her exams had paid off: “I got two 6s in English and History and I have passed everything, which is really good news.

“I’m a bit in shock at the minute but all the hard work I put in before has paid off, which I’m really pleased about.”

Alex Stainer has his eyes set on Cambridge or Warwick University in two years’ time and says he is delighted with his three 7s, four 8s and a 6 and will be staying on at the sixth form.

He said: “I’ve done great and I’m so happy. Some of the exams were really hard but it has all come together now.”

Headteacher Craig Yates said: “We have had a lot of really fabulous results this year. The government has been very open that this year’s exams have been some of the toughest ever, but this hasn’t been reflected in the students’ grades - everyone has done so well.

“We have students getting the highest grade in history, science and English and they really have been working at the top level.”

The new GCSE grades now follow a numerical format as opposed to letters.

Last summer, students sat the new exams in just English language, English literature and maths. This year a further 20 subjects were added to the new marking system and by 2020, all GCSEs will be graded from 9-1 as opposed to A*-G, with 9 being the highest grade.

The new GCSEs are designed to be harder. Courses include much less coursework than before, with grades in almost all subjects depending on exams.

Leia Park Heath, who will be staying on at the sixth form, said: “None of us knew what to expect with the new exams but I have done alright and I’m pleased with what I have got.

“I’m most pleased with my maths grade as I thought it was a tough exam. I want to be a journalist so will be studying towards that.”

Amy Evans was also pleased with her results. She said: “I did better than expected and I passed everything so I’m really happy.”

Allysha White, who got four 7s, one 8 and four 6s, said: “I think I’ve done okay and I’m pleased with my history grade.

“I’m going to be staying on at the sixth form to do my A-levels in September.”

Richard Whittaker got three 7s, five 6s and two 5s and will also be staying on at the sixth form.

He said: “I’ve done good and worked hard on my science grades so I’m most pleased with that result.”

Mr Yates added: “Whether the students are going on to college or staying with us for the sixth form, they have been given a life-changing opportunity with these results today and I know there are lots of very proud parents and staff.

“Year on year we improve our grades and successes and raise the standard. It has been tough swapping over to the new grading system, but the pupils and the teachers have taken it in their stride.”