Site showcases High Peak’s woeful parking

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Peeved parkers have finally been given a place to vent their anger at barking mad parking with the arrival of a dedicated Facebook page.

Badly Parked Cars High Peak can be found on Facebook as well as @badparkinhipeak on Twitter, ...

Dave Moon from Hayfield said he started the shaming forum after the recurring anger of driving around town for hours looking for a space, only to find some drivers are greedy enough to take up two.

He added: “The exasperation is indescribable and yet I find it happening week after week. People should really just take the extra five seconds to be more considerate.

So he started the page to let the let people vent, and has got the ball rolling with a back catalogue of old parking failures.

“High Peak is an area with an expanse of rural roads and countryside, and a stretched council that admits to only having 23 full-time parking wardens in the whole county, so people treat the parking restrictions very casually.

“The aim of this is to improve people’s parking habits, locally.

“When awareness is increased through social media it has been proven to make a difference in the real world.

“Also, it’s simply a good place for people to poke at something that winds them up and share their experiences.”

A spokeswoman for Derbyshire County Council said: “The number of penalty notices issued in the High Peak each month has fallen which suggests parking is improving. But if anyone has concerns about parking restrictions being ignored in a particular area please call 01629 533190 or email so that we can target our enforcement officers accordingly.”