Severn Trent apologises over Buxton water problems

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Utilities company Severn Trent has apologised to customers after hundreds of homes in the Buxton area suffered problems with their water supply.

Residents in the SK17 postcode area reported problems with discoloured and aerated water during Friday and over the weekend.

Severn Trent said the problem followed a repair to its network days earlier - involving the installation of a new valve.

A spokesperson said: “Our teams have been working hard around the clock at various sites flushing the water pipes to clear supplies and taking samples.

“We’d like to say sorry to anyone affected - we absolutely understand that this is not a nice situation, and we’d like to reassure our customers that although it does seem to be taking a long time to resolve, we are doing everything we can to get water supplies back to normal as quickly as possible. We hope that this will be by the middle of the week.”

Discolouration is normally caused by the disturbance of sediments and deposits which accumulate at the bottom of water pipes.

The spokesperson added: “Although unappealing, samples show that there is no reason to believe there is any risk to health, however we understand that if customers do experience discoloured water, while the supply is discoloured they may choose not to drink the water.”