Service celebrates restoration of Fairfield church window

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A special service celebrating the restoration of the Memorial East window at St Peter’s Church, Fairfield, is taking place on Tuesday.

The window was given by public subscription in 1920 as a memorial for those who fell in the Great War and centres around a depiction of Christ’s suffering on the cross. The cross is shown in the desolate landscape of the Western Front marked with shell holes and with a ruined building with a clock tower. Barbed wire is intertwined with the ivy. A bi-plane, said to be a Sopwith Camel, is shown to the left of Christ’s knees and this is believed to be the earliest depiction of an aeroplane in a stained glass window.

Amongst other details on the window are depictions of the patron saints of the British Isles, Allied soldiers and the walled city of Jerusalem.

It is a remarkable piece of craftsmanship and Michael Stokes who undertook the restoration says it is amongst the best in the Diocese of Derby.

The newly restored window is to be re-dedicated by the Right Reverend Dr Alastair Redfern, Bishop of Derby at a service on November 11 at 7pm. During the service, the names of those to whom it was originally dedicated, and who fell during the war will be read out. The window will also be illuminated from outside so that its beauty can be clearly seen in the darkness of the November evening.