Serpentine Walks gets new wild flower meadow

Wild flowers have been planted at Serpentine Walks as oart of the urbitat project
Wild flowers have been planted at Serpentine Walks as oart of the urbitat project

A new wild flower meadow has been planted in Buxton to bring more bees and pollinators into the eco system.

The wetland on Serpentine Walks has been replanted by volunteers from Buxton Civic Association, the Town Team and members of the Urbitat project.

Janine Morris, who came up with the idea and first approached High Peak Borough Council was told she could take over an area of Serpentine Walks for the project, said: “Planting wildflower meadows is so important and it’s something I am so passionate about raising awareness for.

“I’m so proud of this project and hopefully our good work will put Buxton on the map and this template for bringing more wild flowers into an urban area can be used in other towns and cities across Derbyshire use and hopefully across the country.

“Since World War two we have lost 97 per cent of the country’s wildflower meadows through the need for crop fields and housing but they play such an important part in the eco system but are sadly no longer seen as a priority.

“We need bees and pollinators without them the whole food chain falls down so planting the flowers was a way to look after our environment from he bottom level up.”

The wild flower meadow will need to be look after by a team of volunteers who will cut it back at the end of the growing season so it is ready for the next year.

Simon Fussell from Buxton Civic Association was part of the planting day which took place last month. He added: “Nature isn’t neat and tidy, it’s messy but full of colour and life and these wild flower meadows will do so much good for the area and I’m really pleased the council has been so supportive of the project too.”