Scam mail refunds

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More than 30 victims of scam mail in Derbyshire could be in line to get their money back as part of an initiative to target fraudsters and support people who have been conned.

Derbyshire County Council trading standards officers have been working with experts at the National Scams Hub to follow the trails left by scammers and intercept money they have conned from people across the county.

Cheques and cash recovered by National Scams Hub officers from fraudsters during investigations will now be given back to victims where they can be traced, including 35 people in Derbyshire.

Cllr Dave Allen, cabinet member for health and communities, said: “We know there are certain groups of people, including vulnerable or older people, who are more at risk from scammers, and these are the very people who can be hurt the most, both financially and psychologically.

“While the scammers are becoming more sophisticated and better at targeting people they think may be vulnerable, it is still difficult for us to identify victims as many people keep it a secret from their family and friends.”