Safety lessons cover scooters to canines

St Anne's Buxton
St Anne's Buxton

Youngsters have learned to stay safe this summer - when playing on scooters and approaching strange dogs.

Pupils at St Anne’s Catholic Primary School, in Buxton, completed ‘scooter smart’ training from teacher Rachel Taylor and Michael Reardon from Derbyshire County Council.

St Anne's Buxton

St Anne's Buxton

The session involved tasks such as checking scooters were safe to ride, basic control, stopping and weaving around obstacles.

One key aspect of the lesson was road safety - finding a safe place to cross and stopping, looking and listening before walking across roads.

The children also practised good pavement manners towards pedestrians and other people.

The use of scooters has increased over the last two years at the school since the pupil school council was involved in researching and ordering scooter and bike racks.

The youngsters then learned about being ‘dog smart’ when Sarah Saunders from Loughborough branch of the charity Dogs Trust came to visit.

Classes took part in a variety of workshops based around the theme of dogs. Children learnt how to approach an owner first to ask permission before touching any dog. They also were taught about times when not to approach a dog, for example when it is eating or if it is showing its teeth.

Workshops included maths investigations into the cost of keeping a dog as well as science talks about the senses and English writing about ‘doggy tails’.