Road safety partnership welcomes cycle helmet campaign

DERBY and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership has welcomed an online campaign encouraging cyclists to hear helmets.

The brain injury association Headway has uploaded a film to YouTube in which former Olympic rower James Cracknell explains how his cycling helmet saved his life.

Partnership chairman Mike Ashworth said: “James Cracknell was hit by a fuel truck when he was cycling in the USA last year. His injuries would have been much worse if he hadn’t been wearing a helmet.

“We’re encouraging cyclists in Derbyshire to play it safe by wearing a helmet every time they go for a ride.”

Use the partnership’s safety checklist to make sure your helmet offers you the best possible protection:

* choose a helmet that meets the British Standard (BS EN 1078:1997)

* make sure your helmet fits snugly and is positioned squarely on your head - it should sit just above your eyebrows and should not be tilted back or tipped forwards

* fasten your helmet securely using the straps – there should only be enough room for two fingers between the strap and your chin and the strap should not be twisted

* replace your helmet if it is damaged or more than five years old

* never buy a second hand helmet – it’s not always possible to spot damage that could stop the helmet from protecting you in the event of a crash.