Road safety partnership warns poorly drivers put lives at risk

DERBY and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership is warning poorly drivers to play it safe after a survey revealed that almost one fifth of drivers take to the road whilst unfit to drive.

In the poll of 20,000 AA members, 19 per cent of respondents said they knew someone who had driven whilst unfit. A heavy cold or flu was the most common reason given for the drivers’ slow reactions and lack of concentration.

Partnership chairman Mike Ashworth said: “Not enough people understand the risks involved in driving when you’re ill. Drivers who wouldn’t dream of getting behind the wheel after drinking feel the need to ‘solider on’ when they are poorly.

“The symptoms of a heavy cold or flu can affect a driver’s reactions and make them much more tired than usual. Coughing and sneezing fits make it hard to stay in control and some medicines can make you drowsy.”

Mike added: “Please think carefully before getting behind the wheel if you’re under the weather. Don’t put lives at risk.”