Residents cry ‘take it away’ at sight of kebab shop sign

Kebabalicious, Whaley Bridge
Kebabalicious, Whaley Bridge

A Whaley Bridge takeaway has removed a sign after there was a public outcry that it was too ‘gaudy’ for the town’s aesthetic.

Kebablicious bowed to public pressure to remove the sign from outside its premises in Market Street, which is a conservation area.

Kate Ashton, of Whaley Bridge, commented: “Surely the bright, gaudy sign above the window and door should be blatant and advertisement enough.

“I would much rather wait in anticipation to see the natural greens and beautiful colours of the summer hanging baskets which brighten up the centre of Whaley Bridge.”

Whaley Bridge Town Council reported the sign to High Peak Borough Council after receiving complaints from residents and it was confirmed that the kebab shop needed advertisement consent to display it.

A spokesman for the Kebab shop told the Buxton Advertiser they had decided to take the sign down following a visit from a borough council enforcement officer.