Residents complain as Disley road works turn one

Birthday banners attached to the long runnning road works at Strines
Birthday banners attached to the long runnning road works at Strines

A Disley resident has hit out at the council after road works have been in place for over a year.

Steve Catchpole, of Newtown, complained that the road works and traffic lights on the B6102 Strines Road had been in-situ for more than 12 months, “with apparently no work being done to repair the road”.

Somebody has even put up happy first birthday banners on the fencing around the road works to mark the occasion.

Steve added: “Whichever council is responsible for that stretch of road is paying hire charges to Lux for the hire and maintenance of the traffic lights, is this good use of tax payers money?”

A spokesman from Cheshire East Council said: “There had been issues with road settlement at this location for some months before the road was put under traffic light control.

“Localised re-surfacing had been undertaken on several occasions, but it was identified that the issue was more than just a localised failure in the road surfacing.

“Investigations were undertaken in the carriageway with the excavation of trial holes.

“Although no obvious cause of the ground movement was identified at that time, due to the continuing ground movement combined with the presence of a fragile cast iron gas main traffic light control was introduced for the safety of all road users and nearby residencies.

“Following the installation of the traffic lights, initial investigations were undertaken into previous road works at this location.

“However, it was considered that the problem was not a localised issue within the carriageway, and a wider ground subsidence was occurring.”

He added: “An initial geotechnical investigation was commissioned, including a desk study and visual geotechnical inspection plus a topographic and drainage survey.

“This study did identify issues which might have contributed to the problem, but which had probably not caused it.

“The report recommended a more intrusive investigation so that the sub-surface ground strata could be identified, and slope stability calculations undertaken.

“Permission has been sought to undertake ground investigations both in the public highway and in adjacent private land. Currently we are in the process of preparing licences for entry into private land for this purpose.

“Once the licences are in place, the investigation will be undertaken. We hope that this investigation and the subsequent analysis will identify the mechanism for the ground movement. Once the cause is understood, a solution can be designed and implemented, subject to funding.”