Rescued with just seconds to spare

AWARD: PC Leigh Gyte. Photo contributed.
AWARD: PC Leigh Gyte. Photo contributed.

Two Buxton police officers have been honoured by the Derbyshire Police Federation for their outstanding bravery in rescuing a woman from an oncoming train with just seconds to spare.

Constables Leigh Gyte and Mathew Winterbottom responded to a call one night that a woman was threatening to kill herself.

AWARD: PC Mathew Winterbottom. Photo contributed.

AWARD: PC Mathew Winterbottom. Photo contributed.

The call was traced to Dinting railway station and the officers, with colleagues from the British Transport Police, began a search.

In pitch darkness and with only torchlight to help them, they walked up the track until they became aware of the sound of music and then saw a light. They realised this was a mobile phone and headed towards it.

They found the phone on the track but there was no sign of the missing person. They worked their way along the rails, and some 50 metres further on, found a woman lying across the track.

She was uncooperative and shouted at them. The officers informed their British Transport Police colleagues that the woman had been found but were told to get off the line as a train was coming, which would be unable to stop.

The two officers grabbed the woman and managed to drag her from the track within seconds of the train passing by.

Inspector Mark Pickard, chairman of the local Police Federation, who presented the awards, at a ceremony at police headquarters in Ripley, said: “Both officers demonstrated true courage and determination in the face of extreme danger. Both are a credit to the service and we celebrate their courage and dedication to duty.

“It is a great honour for me to have this opportunity to recognise our members who every day risk their own safety to protect the public. Their dedication to duty often goes unrecognised so it is a great pleasure for me as Chairman of the Derbyshire Police Federation to say a heartfelt thank you.”

lFor the past 17 years the Police Bravery Awards have honoured Britain’s police officers for the most outstanding acts of courage in placing themselves at risk of serious injury; officers who have gone far beyond the call of duty – the bravest of the brave.