RESCUE ME: Could you give Chester a home?

Look at this beautiful face. This is Chester, an eight-year-old Staffy cross male who is neutered.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 16th February 2018, 1:55 pm
Updated Friday, 16th February 2018, 2:00 pm

Cuddles and Playtime with Chester...

He’s an unconventionally handsome boy is Chester, with his disproportionately little legs and his brownish rump adding a unique touch to his, more typically gorgeous, auburn eyes and soft-featured face.

But to get hung up on looks would be to miss the point of why Chester is so brilliant.

This eight-year-old cross-breed is one of our longest-term dogs and so has waited a good long while for that home which can accommodate his loveliness.

Adorably sweet by his very nature, Chester loves fuss and attention - loves it! - so much so that if you are sat with him but fail to give him enough, he will raise his paw and gently nudge you just to remind you that not enough cuddles are being had!

Chester is also a big fan of playtime and once he gets his paws on his favourite toy he can keep himself entertained for ages, sometimes too much so as he becomes quite oblivious to what he should be doing, just wanting to have some fun instead. Watching him be silly with his toys is immensely satisfying. Chester also enjoys his walks and generally being quite active, so will need an owner who can keep up.

Chester would be best placed in an experienced home, as an only dog, and would perhaps be ideally suited to an adult-only household, due to his occasional lack of basic training.

He is also prone to developing ear infections and will need an owner who is happy and able to provide the veterinary treatment he will need to help with this medical problem. Chester is not always comfortable about his ears being touched, especially when they are infected and will also require an owner who can deliver a behavioural modification programme to help Chester feel more comfortable about his ears being touched and cleaned.

He does have good house manners and so can be left alone for short periods.

If you’d love to have yourself a Staffy-cross then Chester would make a great addition to your household. He’s a really sweet boy who just wants some fuss, some food, and some frolicking.

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