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By The Newsroom
Monday, 17th October 2011, 10:16 am

STEPHEN SLATER, 52, of Cannon Fields, Oakerthorpe, Alfreton, used a vehicle with faulty brake light, fined £175, defective tyre, fined £350, £85 costs and disqualifed from driving for six months, licence endorsed. KENNETH WHARTON, 68, of Kenyon Road, Hady, Chesterfield, drove without due care and attention, fined £200, costs £420, licence endorsed. DAVID BOUGH, 39, of Glebe View, Barlborough, drink-driving, £400 fine, £85 costs, 16-month disqualification, licence endorsed. GEMMA BRADSHAW, 34, of Walgrove Avenue, Chesterfield, drink-driving, community order made, £85 costs, 28-month disqualification, licence endorsed. JAMES WRIGHT, 19, of Hanbury Close, Chesterfield, took vehicle without owner’s consent, committed to young offender’s institution for 12 weeks, drove while disqualified, concurrent sentence, disqualified for 12 months, licence endorsed, no insurance, no separate penalty. RAYMOND BOOKER, 72, of Stradbroke Rise, Chesterfield, failure to stop after accident, £210 fine, £425 costs, licence endorsed. SALLY ANN DAVIS, 43, of Hunloke Avenue, Chesterfield, driving without due care and attention, no separate penalty, licence endorsed, failing to stop, failing to give name and address and failing to give name and address of owner and identifcation marks of vehicle, £175 fine, £310 costs, six-month disqualification, failing to report accident, no separate penalty, licence endorsed, no test certificate, no separate penalty, failing to give information relating to identification of driver, no separate penalty, licence endorsed. ANDREW MICHAEL STARBUCK, 40, of John Street, Brimington, drove while disqualified, sent to prison for eight weeks, 18-month disqualification, licence endorsed, no insurance, licence endorsed. ASHLEY PATRICK KENT, 20, of Elm Tree Drive, Wingerworth, took vehicle without owner’s consent, community order, £85 costs, licence endorsed.

JAMES REAH, 29, of Scarsdale Street, Bolsover, had knife in public place, sent to prison for six months, failed to surrender to custody at court, one month concurrent prison sentence. LUKE ANTHONY CLAYTON, 19, of Boythorpe Crescent, Chesterfield, drunk and disorderly, £85 costs, assault, community order, £100 compensation.VICKY BURNELL, 37, of Hickinwood Lane, Clowne, drunk and disorderly, £50 fine, £85 costs. AARON BENJAMIN BROUGH, 26, of Hawthorne Drive, Cromford, threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, community order, restraining order, £85 costs.

LEE PAUL HUGHES, 32, of Devonshire Avenue North, New Whittington, Chesterfield, possession of crack cocaine, community order, drug rehabilitation requirement, drug to be destroyed. JAY FRISBY, 19, of North Wingfield Road, Grassmoor, possession of cocaine, £100 fine, £85 costs, drugs to be destroyed. ALEX GEORGE HEBDEN, 19, of Derby Road, Wingerworth, Chesterfield, possession of methylenodioxymethylamphetamine, £100 fine, £85 costs drug to be destroyed. CARLTON BLAIR BRIGHTON, 45, of Nesbit Road, Bolsover, producing cannabis, £66 fine, £85 costs, drug to be destroyed.

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JOANNA HAYCOX, 27, of Selwyn Street, Bolsover, two counts of assault, community order, £100 compensation, £250 costs. KERRY JANE OWEN, 41, of Selwyn Street, Bolsover, two counts of assault, community order, two counts of non payment of fines, further time to pay.

DANIEL LEE JORDAN, 20, of The Green, Alfreton, threat to smash window, committed to young offender’s institution for 40 days.

GARY SACCOMANDO, 24, of Shirland Street, Stonegravels, Chesterfield, non payment of £206, further time to pay ordered. RYAN MEMMORY, 27, of Green Lane, Killamarsh, non-payment of £815; to pay £800 at £15 every 14 days. JOHN DARREN HOLMES, 40, of Eastside Close, Whittington Moor, Chesterfield, non-payment of £292.91, application made for benefit deductions, £5 per week.

KERRIS KEZIA THOMPSON, 34, Cobden Road, Chesterfield, stole two bottles of sherry worth £8.58, belonging to Ashgate Road Service Station, 18-month conditional discharge, £85 cost, £8.58 compensation.