Reader letter: I didn’t feel the need to advertise my work

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In reply to councillor Karen Tennant’s letter in the Advertiser of October 10.

I am a previous councillor who with many more councillors worked extremely hard for Kimberley without feeling the need to advertise the fact.

We instigated the Hallowe’en and Christmas parties along with the Christmas lights and fireworks display and took over the Pram Race which is no more due to the present council!

We used to do volunteer days litter picking and clearing sites such as the Brewery Cutting, the nature reserve at the back of the Station Road car park and the Great Northern Railway with the Notts Wildlife Trust.

As for sitting and complaining, I for one have never done that

I gave eight years to the people of Kimberley gladly and still help people if I can.

- Dot Saxton

Chilton Drive, Watnall