Pump Room Live 2017 will be bigger and better

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A free music concert in Buxton, Pump Room Live, is on track to return in July, with organisers hoping it will better last year’s show.

Held in the shadow of The Crescent, the two-day event is very popular and last year more than 1,000 people turned out to The Slopes to see live music on the roof of the 19th century Pump Room.

Brothers Elliot and Greg Smith organise the event and say performers are already showing interest.

Greg said: “In the last few days we have already had about 15 bands contact us asking to perform. That’s brilliant news because it means people are getting excited about the show six months in advance.”

The brothers first put on the concert in 2014. The event returned in 2016 and, providing funding is secured, they will be returning this year.

Greg said: “We need to hear about funding and we should be given a date in February, which is great.

“Our budget last year was only £2,500 and we managed to put on something people wanted to come and see and are still talking about.

“For both of us our passion is music and we love creating a diverse and different set list so there will be something for everyone.”

Pump Room Live is not part of the Buxton Fringe, but the duo will be trying to coincide with events in the town to attract a big crowd.

Greg said: “I think the Fringe is sadly undervalued by people in the town but it does so much for the local economy and is there for everyone to enjoy not just tourists but residents too.

“That’s what Pump Room Live is about; showcasing local and national talent that people can enjoy.”

Greg said it would be great to get the backing or sponsorship of local businesses to help keep the event going. He added: “Every year we have got bigger, better and more professional and I can’t wait for this year’s show.”