Prince Edward sings the praises of Kinder Children’s Choir

The Kinder Childen's Choir with Prince Edward at Chatsworth.
The Kinder Childen's Choir with Prince Edward at Chatsworth.

The director of a High Peak choir has spoken of the incredible honour of performing in front of royalty.

Chatsworth’s Painted Hall provided the spectacular backdrop recently for a Royal Gala Concert attended by Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, during a visit to the area.

Talented members of the Kinder Children’s Choirs, one of the UK’s most highly regarded and exciting young choral organisations, performed for the Prince at the stately home of their president, the Duchess of Devonshire, to high acclaim.

Prince Edward told the choir’s Musical Director Joyce Ellis: “The Kinder Children’s Choir was a revelation and what a pleasure it was to get the opportunity to enjoy some of their excellent singing.”

Mrs Ellis said: “We felt very honoured to be invited to perform at Chatsworth on such a Royal occasion. The choir was on top form singing in the stunning Painted Hall.”

The Royal Gala Concert was sponsored by the University of Derby, whose Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Rod Dubrow-Marshall, described it as “a wonderful event showcasing the enormous talent of the young people of the Peak District”.

He added: “We were pleased that such an amazing concert could take place and that so many, His Royal Highness included, could enjoy it.”