Price rise for High Peak taxis?

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The price of a taxi could be on the up as councillors look raise metered fares.

Passengers could see the rise, which applies only to Hackney Carriages, brought in as soon as June 1.

The proposed increase is the first in six years and will see a day rate in a hackney carriage now start at £3 - it has been at £2.80 since 2011.

Night fares, which runs from midnight to 6.59am will raise from £3.72 to £4.

The licensing department has received a request from the Buxton Operators and Drivers Association to increase the metered fares of the Council’s licensed Hackney Carriages.

In a report by Councillor Tony Kemp, executive councillor for Tourism, Regeneration and Licensing, he said: “The members of the Buxton Operators and Drivers Association balloted their operators and drivers to ascertain their thoughts and to get feedback on the amount of increase to the tariff. All operators and drivers were informed that it has been six years since the last tariff increase and that it was now thought that a tariff rise is overdue.”

A spokesman for the association said: “There has been a rise in the costs associated with the running of a Hackney Carriage.

“Over the past decade there has been a significant increase in the cost of fuel, insurance and purchase price of vehicles.”

However, this price rise has been slammed by labour councillors.

The Stonebench ward councillor David Kerr said: “With our current prices, the High Peak is already the second most expensive place locally to travel by taxi, with only Sheffield been more expensive.”

Councillor Kemp added: “High Peak Borough Council is neighboured by a number of Local Authorities that have a variety of tariffs and rates that differ from one another.”

The fares for every subsequent 1/10th of a mile after the first 8/10th will remain at 26p for day time rate and 36p for night rate.

Buxton Central Councillor Matt Stone said: “We appreciate the work that local taxi drivers do, but with the council’s consultation mainly been focused on the taxi trade, we want to ensure that the public’s views are included in what decision the council makes.”

The labour councillors want residents to come forward with their views on the price change by emailing

The new fares only impact on the cost of the journey, the extra charges will remain the same. This means for each article of luggage carried outside of the passenger compartment will still be 52p, as will the charge for carrying more than two people.

For each dog carried the cost will stay at £1.56, although there will be no charge for guide dogs.

The consultation closes on April 6 and then will be sent to full council for approval.