Preston’s top facial advice

Sharon Preston, one of the UK’s most experienced and professional facial therapists who runs a facial clinic in London’s Harley Street, gives her DIY tips and tricks for your face this autumn...

NO TO LIP BALM: Many women are addicted to lip balm, but I want to wean women off. Needing lip balm is a clear indication that your body needs moisture, so the first thing to do is to drink more water.Dry lips start at the corners of the mouth and as soon as you see this, you need to exfoliate using circular movements with a toothbrush topped with a small amount of Vaseline.

EXFOLIATE: “As skin moves into autumn it can still have traces of a tan, but exfoliate you must. I don’t favour exfoliators with scratchy particles, but wax or jojoba oil beads are fine. I prefer enzyme, AHA-based exfoliators, which feel as though they are doing nothing but, in fact, are working away on your skin.

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