Pothole cash not enough

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Derbyshire County Council has welcomed a £3 million government cash injection to fix potholes in the county - but said it is not enough.

The authority is to receive £2.946 million to fix potholes caused by the severe wet weather, in a move announced by the government last Thursday.

But Cllr Dean Collins, Deputy Cabinet Member for Jobs, Economy and Transport, said it was not enough, adding: “Any extra money is of course to be welcomed, but it is unlikely to be enough to mend all the roads that have been damaged by the weather this winter.

“We’ve already got our road workers working extra hours to fix the backlog of potholes over 3000 miles of Derbyshire roads.”

Prolonged and heavy downpours battered roads across the county causing extensive damage in some places. Over the past five weeks, the council’s Call Derbyshire contact centre received an average of 780 road-related calls a week in addition to potholes reported online. The council carries out a rolling programme of road repairs but extra staff, including external contractors, have been brought in to help deal with the problem.