Portable toilet rescued from inaccessible river bank in New Mills

Kinder Mountain Rescue Team were not delighted by an unusual request involving a portable toilet on a inaccessible river bank in New Mills.

The portaloo started its journey when "local youths" threw it off of a bridge in the Torrs into the river during a festival in the town.

Mountain Rescue rescue a portaloo.

Mountain Rescue rescue a portaloo.

However, it did not quite make it into the river and was left in a really "inaccessible position."'

Festival organisers then asked the team for help as they did not have the equipment to recover it.

It was recovered yesterday by a team made up of rescuers who "couldn’t come up with a reason why they needed to be somewhere else".

A spokesman from the Mountain Rescue service said: "In Mountain Rescue we receive some unusual requests. Some are interesting and occasionally quite pleasant. Some not so…. This one is one of the “Not so” requests.

"I have to say that there wasn’t a huge rush of volunteers for this job, but we managed to find enough of the team who couldn’t come up with a reason why they needed to be somewhere else and together with a few helpers, we managed to carry out a successful portable toilet rescue.

"Now where did I put that anti-bacterial hand gel?"

Sean Whewell of festival organisers Visit New Mills said: "Our annual Youth Festival had gone off impecably attended by hundreds of children and families, unfortunately before the loo was collected it had been moved to the river bank - we sought the expert advice of our friends at the mountain rescue who thoroughly deserved the sizeable donation we were only too pleased to give - we have now changed the collection process for future events."