Pool talks in private

Buxton’s much delayed pool project it to be discussed at a meeting next week – but behind closed doors.

An update it to be given by High Peak Borough Council officers to councillors at a meeting of the Social Inclusion Select Committee on Monday.

However the item is in Part 2 which means that the press and public are excluded from that particular part of the meeting.

The Pool was closed for refurbishment in November 2009 and as yet no date has been given for its re-opening.

The original date for re-opening was Easter, then June and finally September but since that date was missed not date had been forthcoming and no indication has been given as to when a date will be announced.

Buxton Councillor John Faulkner, one of the members who has been asking repeatedly for more information, said: “I have been pressing this matter for a long time and without pressing I believe we would still be in the dark as to what is going on.

“So I will continue to keep pressing until such time as we get a date for completion of the pool which is absolutely vital for the people of Buxton and the surrounding areas.”