Poll backing for taking foie gras off Derbyshire menus

Our readers are overwhelmingly against seeing foie gras on the menu in Derbyshire, according to the results of our exclusive on-line poll.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 30th March 2017, 11:21 am
Updated Saturday, 8th April 2017, 10:28 pm
Calver Bridge restaurant
Calver Bridge restaurant

We asked visitors to our website what they thought of the controversial dish after owners of the Calver Bridge restaurant said they would continue to keep serving it - despite claims they have been subjected to a Facebook bullying campaign since animal rights activists.

We asked: Do you approve of foie gras on restaurant menus? Over 2,400 people voted, with a resounding 76% saying no, 22% in favour and 2% undecided.

The story provoked an out-pouring of comments from readers too.

Matty76 said: “Yes the production of certain foods is cruel. The UK factory farming industry is no crueler than the production of Foie Gras. So those disputing this really need to check where their food comes from. Check where your cashew nuts come from if you do not eat meat, google blood cashews. Do some research into how your clothing or Iphone is made and double check that your judgement is not hypocritical.”

Alex12345 added: “Funny how these people say it is not about animal cruelty, I would love to see their reaction to being force fed through a tube repeatedly, and they call the protestors bullies, the irony! I would never frequent a restaurant that has this on the menu. They will lose business over this for sure.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK? To email your views on foie gras and the protests CLICK HERE

AMUSEGIRL commented: “The representation of this business has been appalling. I have read from the sidelines and at times, been disappointed with both sides. However the barrage of abuse from a bunch of foul-mouthed, uncompassionate, egotistical chefs and supporters of the pub towards the animal-welfare representatives has been nothing short of shocking. Anyone can visit The Bridge Inn on Facebook and see that the bullies are ironically the ones claiming to be the victims (until they manipulatively start removing posts that expose them). Truly outrageous: ignorant, arrogant people at their very worst.”

Lindella Vaux posted: “What an unpleasant, arrogant pair. And yes it is about animal cruelty. Boycott their horrible restaurant until they go out of business if necessary.”

Kim Dijkman added:“ “Freedom of choice”... The ducks don’t seem to have that luxury If it is illegal in the UK then this must be for a reason. Why does going to see firsthand what happens have to be subject to an apology, why is their curiosity not tweaked to just go see for themselves?”

Robin C posted: “People should be free to make their own choices. Giving low ratings for a restaurant is just childish and shows the mentality of these people. Surely they should be trying to educate people rather than spending their days trolling on the internet. I don’t like the idea of bullies forcing their views on others in the form of online abuse. There are better ways to make their point. Personally, I think this kind of strategy makes more people turn against them and ignore their message.”

On Facebook, Rachael Fitzpatrick wrote: “If you were that bothered about animal cruelty you’d be vegan. Yes it’s cruel, but so is slaughtering male calves so you can drink milk, or mince male chicks alive so you can have eggs. It’s funny how people choose what to be offended about.”

Hazel Hollingsworth posted: “EACH TO THEIR OWN - If you don’t want it or disapprove don’t go. Personally I have never tried it, but like Lobster and they are stunned and dropped in boiling water. Some countries eat Dogs and we are all up in arms - they done eat Beef or pork - as I say each to their own.”

Russell Hubber wrote: “If true , they should stop serving this obscene dish so cruelly obtained and people should refrain from eating there till it is done.

The restauranteurs need to understand why there has been such angry responses to them serving it in the first place . There is no need or place for animal cruelty in our modern informed world”