Tougher rules on blue badges

A £10 fee is to be introduced, from January, as part of changes to the Blue Badge parking scheme which allows people with mobility problems to park more conveniently.

Derbyshire County Council’s Cabinet agreed to the move which is part of the Government’s Blue Badge Reform Programme.

The aim is to improve the administration of the scheme, making it easier to stop fraudulent production and illegal use of the badges and ensuring only genuine users benefit.

Cabinet Member for Adult Care Councillor Charles Jones said: “When people are using badges they are not entitled to they risk a fine of up to £1,000 and are taking up parking spaces needed by someone with genuine mobility problems who will rely on this scheme to get out and about.

“This reform will make it a great deal harder for badges to be issued or used by people who do not qualify for them and we welcome it.”

The programme has already seen the addition of two new categories of people who now qualify – children with certain medical conditions up to their third birthday instead of their second birthday, and Armed Forces personnel and veterans receiving certain benefits.

From January DCC will charge £10 for a Blue Badge, which must be applied for every three years, to cover the costs of the new national administration of the scheme and go towards the cost of producing the new badge which will be of a higher specification to help counter fraud. Previously there was a nominal £2 charge – unchanged since 1983.

For more details, contact centre Call Derbyshire on 08456 058 058.