Homes facing confiscation of green bins

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TWO High Peak households are to have their recycling bin confiscated after repeatedly filling it with general rubbish.

The authority will remove green-lidded bins from the two houses, in Buxton and Whaley Bridge, within the next fortnight after the families concerned ignored two letters and three bin stickers telling them how to use the waste and recycling service.

Ten other households face losing their bins unless they respond positively to a second warning letter.

Of these, six are in Glossop, three in Buxton and one in Chapel-en-le-Frith.

This is the first time the borough council has decided to confiscate bins, and Anthony McKeown, executive councillor for community services, said:

“The vast majority of families have really thrown their weight behind the kerbside recycling service, enabling us to double our recycling rate in the last three years.

“But a small number of people simply refuse to put the right materials in the right container, costing all of us thousands of extra pounds a year in sorting waste by hand or mechanically.”

He added that ignorance was no defence, bearing in mind the information that had been sent out to households.

The most recent was only last month – and consisted of a calendar giving collection dates and explaining to residents which materials should be deposited in which bin.