ELECTION 2015: High Peak Borough Council election candidates vying for your votes

A list of the High Peak Borough Council wards and candidates.
A list of the High Peak Borough Council wards and candidates.

As well as choosing their next Member of Parliament, High Peak residents will also be electing their borough, town and parish councillors on May 7.

There are 43 seats up for grabs on High Peak Borough Council. No single party currently has an overall majority on the council, controlled by a Labour minority administration.

The current political makeup is: Conservative (12), Labour (21), Liberal Democrat (3), Independent (3), Independents (2), no political group (1), vacant seat (1).

High Peak Borough Council wards and candidates

Barms - (number of seats 1): Seb Brooke, Conservative; Simon Fussell, Independent; Rachael Quinn, Labour.

Blackbrook - (2): Phil Forrest, Labour; Ruth George, Labour; Graham Hewitt, Liberal Democrat Focus Team; Caroline Howe, Conservative; Wilfred Jones, UKIP; John Kappes, Conservative; Edith Longden, Liberal Democrat Focus Team; Nat Stott, Green Party.

Burbage - (1): Samantha Flower, Conservative; Jane McGrother, Labour; Bob Morris, Independent.

Buxton Central Ward - (2): Jonathan Davey, Independent; Bill Fiddy, Independent; James Johnson, Conservative; Susan Ledger, Green Party; Justine Linden, Conservative; Matthew Stone, Labour; Jean Todd, Labour.

Chapel East Ward - (1): Brian Hallsworth, Liberal Democrat; Tess Lomas, Green Party; Mave Morrison, Labour; Jim Perkins, Conservative.

Chapel West Ward - (2): Jessica Cowley, Labour; Lucas Jones, Green Party; Timothy Norton, Labour; David Rayworth, Liberal Democrat; Kath Sizeland, Conservative; Stewart Young, Conservative.

Corbar Ward - (2): Linda Baldry, Independent; Clive Johnson, Conservative; Tony Kemp, Conservative; Nicky Kierton, Green Party; Claire Moore, Labour; Martin Thomas, Labour; Nick Watterson, Independent.

Cote Heath Ward - (2): Colin Boynton, Conservative; Stewart Finney, Independent; Linda Grooby, Conservative; Tony Pickering, Green Party; Keith Savage, Labour; Lynn Stone, Labour.

Dinting Ward - (1): Stephen Bosett-Roberts, Green Party; Sylvia Hall, UKIP; Benjamin Hopkins, Labour; Jean Wharmby, Conservative.

Gamesley Ward (1): Peter Allen, Green Party; Brian Evans, Conservative; Anthony McKeown, Labour.

Hadfield North Ward - (1): Marie Foote, Conservative; Ed Kelly, Labour; Richard Moore, UKIP.

Hadfield South Ward - (2): Trish Boyle, UKIP; Pat Ellison-Reed, UKIP; Ann Flavell, Conservative; Steve Foote, Conservative; Bob McKeown, Labour; Melanie O’Brien, Green Party; Edward Siddall, Labour.

Hayfield Ward - (1): Peter Easter, Conservative; Dave Gates, Labour; Karen Hunt, Green Party; Martin Jones, Liberal Democrat.

Hope Valley Ward - (2): Charlotte Farrell, Green Party; Sarah Helliwell, Conservative; Sandy Lamont, Labour; Andrew Law, UKIP; Philip Taylor, Green Party; Fredrick Walton, Conservative.

Howard Town Ward - (2): Godfrey Claff, Labour; Damien Greenhalgh, Labour; Paul Lomas, Conservative; Robert O’Connor, Green Party.

Limestone Peak Ward - (1): Jim Lambert, Labour; Daren Robins, Conservative; Graham Scott, UKIP.

New Mills East Ward - (2): Alan Barrow, Labour; David Burfoot, Liberal Democrat; Matt Crompton, Conservative; Ian Huddlestone, Labour; Dee Sayce, Green Party.

New Mills West Ward - (2): Raymond Atkins, Liberal Democrat; Paddy Ban, UKIP; Michael Daw, Green Party; Alan Debes, Liberal Democrat; Lance Dowson, Labour; Josh Gaskell, Conservative; Jeff Lawton, Conservative.

Old Glossop Ward - (2): Moira Cunningham, Labour; Jamie Douglas, Conservative; Paul Hardy, Conservative; Neil Johnstone; Margo McKenna, Green Party; Garry Parvin, Labour; Michael Perry, UKIP; Christopher Webster.

Padfield Ward - (1): Peter Kay, Conservative; Nick Longos, Labour.

Sett Ward - (1): Tony Ashton, Conservative; Sue Barrow, Labour; Michael Shipley, Green Party; Christopher Weaver, Liberal Democrat.

Simmondley Ward - (2): Masha Bennett, Green Party; Murray Booth, Liberal Democrat; Graham Fox, Labour; Ayshea Garbutt, Liberal Democrat; John Haken, Conservative; Stella Hutchinson, Labour; Julie McCabe, Conservative; David Phillips, UKIP.

St John’s Ward - (1): Chris Boyle, UKIP; Rob McKeown, Labour; George Wharmby, Conservative; Stephen Worrall, Liberal Democrat.

Stone Bench Ward - (2): David Kerr, Labour; Doreen Martin, Conservative; Fiona Sloman, Labour; Aileen Warneford, Independent.

Temple Ward - (1): Roger Cooper, Labour; Catherine Crosby, Green Party; Jean Luton, Independent; Emily Thrane, Conservative.

Tintwistle Ward - (1): Pat Jenner, Labour; David Novakovic, Conservative; John Reed, UKIP.

Whaley Bridge Ward - (3): Zara Clarke, Labour; Andrew Fox, Conservative; Rodney Gilmour, Conservative; David Lomax, Liberal Democrat Focus Team; Andrew Murray, Labour; John Pritchard, Independent; Iain Reynolds, Green Party; Martin Thomas, Labour; Ray Wild, Liberal Democrat Focus Team.

Whitfield Ward - (1): Ian Baker, Conservative; Chris Cuff, Green Party; Murgan Kerr, UKIP; Graham Oakley, Labour.