Conservatives seize power on High Peak Borough Council

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The Conservatives have swept to power on High Peak Borough Council, winning 11 seats to take overall control.

Labour, who before the polls opened had led a minority administration, lost only four seats to finish on 17, but the Conservatives made suitable gains elsewhere at the expense of Independent councillors.

The result itself went down to the wire, with the last ward to be declared - Old Glossop - shortly after 7pm on Friday, proving pivotal. Conservative wins here for Jamie Douglas and Paul Hardy ensured the party a clear majority.

Among the other casualties were Labour’s Tim Norton and independent Linda Baldry, who lost their respective seats in Chapel West and Corbar.

Ex-council leader Caitlin Bisknell did not defend her seat in Stone Bench, but David Kerr and Fiona Sloman ensured a Labour hold.

This was not the case, however, in Cote Heath, as incumbents Keith Savage and Lynn Stone were ousted by the Conservatives’ Colin Boynton and Linda Grooby.

Long-standing councillors who did not seek re-election included independents John Faulkner in Burbage, and David Mellor and Chris Pearson in Hayfield and Blackbrook respectively. All these seats were snapped up by the Tories.

The Liberal Democrats lost one of their two seats in Whaley Bridge previously held by Linda Leather, another councillor not to seek re-election, but David Lomax, and in New Mills West Ray Atkins, remain.

The Conservatives also retook the vacant Limestone Ward previously held by the late former mayor Derek Udale.

The new makeup of the council is: Conservatives, 23; Labour, 17; Liberal Democrats, 2; Independent, 1.


Barms Ward: Rachael Quinn (Lab)

Chapel East Ward: James Perkins (Con)

Burbage Ward: Samantha Flower (Con)

Buxton Central Ward: Matthew Stone (Lab), Jean Todd (Lab)

Blackbrook Ward: Caroline Howe (Con), John Kappes (Con)

Chapel West Ward: Kathleen Sizeland (Con), Stewart Young (Con)

Gamesley Ward: Anthony Mckeown (Lab)

Dinting Ward: Jean Wharmby (Con)

Hadfield North Ward: Edward Kelly (Lab)

Limestone Peak Ward: Daren Robins (Con)

Hadfield South Ward: Bob Mckeown (Lab), Edward Siddall (Lab)

Cote Heath Ward: Colin Boynton (Con), Linda Grooby (Con)

Corbar Ward: Clive Johnson (Con), Tony Kemp (Con)

Hope Valley Ward: Sarah Helliwell (Con), Fredrick Walton (Con)

New Mills East Ward: Alan Barrow (Lab), Ian Huddlestone (Lab)

Howard Town Ward: Godfrey Claff (Lab), Damien Greenhalgh (Lab)

Padfield Ward: Nicholas Longos (Lab)

Hayfield Ward: Peter Easter (Con)

New Mills West Ward: Raymond Atkins (Lib Dem), Lance Dowson (Lab)

Tintwistle Ward: Patrick Jenner (Lab)

Whitfield Ward: Graham Oakley (Lab)

Stone Bench Ward: David John Kerr (Lab), Fiona Sloman (Lab)

Temple Ward: Emily Thrane (Con)

St John’s Ward: George Wharmby (Con)

Sett Ward: Anthony Ashton (Con)

Simmondley Ward: John Haken (Con), Julie McCabe (Con)

Whaley Bridge Ward: Andrew Fox (Con), David Lomax (Lib Dem), John Pritchard (Ind)

Old Glossop Ward: Jamie Douglas (Con), Paul Hardy (Con)